Thank you so much for visiting my blog, where I share my personal journey through spiritual and kundalini awakenings and how to holistically and naturally heal the mind, body and soul through Complex-PTSD.

As a brief summary, in 2016 my world as I knew it got flipped upside down due to a series of events. At that time I wasn’t aware, but later learned it was a kundalini awakening that brought on a significant amount of unexpected change for the three years that followed. It also brought an abundance of lessons and (sometimes difficult) insight leading to a deeper healing journey.

By sharing my very personal holistic healing and ascension journey, along with recommendations for products and services I’ve found helpful, my hope is for others to learn how they too can begin healing and gain control in their own lives.

Awareness above all, is the first step.

Much love,

P.S. Videos created by others I’ve found helpful have been compiled into playlists on my YouTube channel for easy viewing.


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